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Sunday, September 10th

Arroyomolinos / Madrid

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Geo-diversity in La Vuelta is following the peloton accompanied by a geologist who wants to show you the most interesting aspects of each stage’s landscapes. Geo-diversity is fascinating and it is everywhere. Moving continents, erupting volcanoes, flowing glaciers or sand travelling along beaches are just some of the processes that hide behind every mountain and every plain.

La Vuelta and geo-diversity are inseparable because every great cycling race is about reliefs. Every ramp and every descent show a landscape, a relief, some mines or agricultural fields, each of them with a story spanning over millions of years that, when explained by geology, makes the trip even more interesting. Culture cannot be pigeonholed and, here, we see that Sports Culture and Scientific Culture can walk hand in hand in order to complete each stage of the route together.

Each stage of Geo-diversity in La Vuelta includes a text, a few photos and some 3D diagrams that show the stage’s relief and geological map. In these diagrams, each type of rock or geological formation is represented by a different colour, according to the code or legend that can be consulted here.



  • Ángel Saiz, Juan D Centeno, Miguel A Sanz, Agustín Senderos, José J Martínez Díaz (UCM)
  • Luís Carcavilla, Juan J Durán, Raquel Morales, Juana Vegas (IGME)
  • Olaya Dorado, Daniel Gómez, Lidia Madera, Raul J Pradana, Cynthia E Rieckhof
  • Carlos J Vadillo, Javier Lorenzo, Tania Navalpotro, Estela García, Paula Sanz, Jon Ruiz
Stage 1

Nîmes - Nîmes

Nimes and the Rhône Delta

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Stage 2

Nîmes - Gruissan. Grand Narbonne. Aude

The sandy coast

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Stage 3

Prades Conflent Conigó - Andorra la Vella

The pyrenees that join us

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Stage 4

Escaldes-Engordany - Tarragona. Anella Mediterránea 2018

Catalonia from north to south

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Stage 5

Benicàssim - Alcossebre

Beach and mountain

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Stage 6

Vila-Real - Sagunt

What the mountains are hiding

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Stage 7

Llíria - Cuenca. Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Water sculptures

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Stage 8

Hellín - Xorret de Catí. Costa Blanca Interior

The hissing of the python of cancarix

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Stage 9

Orihuela. Cuidad del Poeta Miguel Hernández - Cumbre del Sol. El Poble Nou de Benitatxell

Continents lost and found

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Stage 10

Caravaca Año Jubilar 2017 - ElPozo Alimentación

Travelling across murcian geology: from the cretaceous to the paleogene period

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Stage 11

Lorca - Observatorio Astronómico de Calar Alto

Plasters and planets

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Stage 12

Motril - Antequera. Los Dólmenes

Is there any relation between nerja cave and the torcal de antequera?

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Stage 13

Coín - omares

Málaga diamonds

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Stage 14

Écija - Alto Sierra de La Pandera

The afro-iberian romance

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Stage 15

Alcalá la Real - Sierra Nevada. Alto Hoya de la Mora. Monachil

Alpine mountains in andalusia

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Stage 16

Circuito de Navarra - Logroño

Between vineyards and terraces

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Stage 17

Villadiego - Los Machucos. Monumento Vaca Pasiega

Changing reliefs and unique shapes

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Stage 18

Suances - Santo Toribo de Liébana

Going up cantabria once again: from the coast to the picos de europa

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Stage 19

Caso. Parque Natural de Redes - Gijón

Geological asturias: 500 million years of history

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Stage 20

Corvera de Asturias - Alto de l'Angliru

Mountain ranges that gallop

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Stage 21

Arroyomolinos - Madrid

Urban geo-diversity

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