Urdazubi in Euskera: Water and bridge. Located in privileged surroundings, in the doorway of the Kingdom of Navarra, the town of Urdazubi-Urdax is the perfect complement to the adjoining forests and mountains, to the special combination of its places and its people, to a place where history, nature, tradition, gastronomy and sports unite.

In the border with France, at the Dantxarinea border crossing, and separated from the Baztan Valley by the Otsondo mountain pass, several Medieval stone bridges provide a way over the Ugarana River that crosses the town and in whose depression the town is actually embedded.

Among its many attractions are the ancient San Salvador Monastery from the 9th century, the windmill built at the start of the 18th century, the magnificent caves of Ikaburu, the art exhibit and all the guarantees of rural and cultural tourism, a high-quality tourism.

Urdax has one of the region's reference commercial areas, Dantxarinea.

Dantxarinea has a multitude of products and articles: edibles, wines and liqueurs, butchers, fishmongers, bazaar, fashion, technology… You also have a rich variety of restaurants where you can taste the best dishes of the local traditional cuisine.


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